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Suppose they held a lynching and nobody came?

By Warren Roche on Sunday, November 6, 2011 at 5:09pm

Herman Cain just scares the hell out of the entire Washington, DC establishment on both the left and right.They have thrown everything at him that they can think of and the more they throw the stronger Cain becomes!

Recently both the liberal media and conservative political establishment have attempted to paint Mr. Cain as pro-choice. That didn't work!

They have said he isn't a serious candidate, though he is surging in all of the polls. That didn't stick either.

They have taken comments out of context, such as news reports proclaiming that "Cain doesn't know that China has nuclear weapons" refering to Cain's statement "China was attempting to develop nuclear capabilities" when clearly Cain was answering in the context of the conversation taking place immediately prior to having made his statement; which was a discussion of China's building greater capabilities specifically with regard to a nuclear powered navy.

They have lied about his 9-9-9 plan, attempting to scare Americans into believing they will pay more tax under 9-9-9 without bothering to mention that Cain's plan removes 30 to 40% of the current tax structure hidden in today's consumer prices and replaces those hidden taxes with a much lower and more transparent tax structure. They have LIED, Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry among the liars, trying to have us believe that 9-9-9 incorporates a VAT tax when the current tax structure acts like a MUCH BIGGER VAT!

They have tried all of these things and much more to no avail.

So what did they do last week? They attempted to hold a lynching... but NOBODY CAME!

Politco published 93 stories in less than a week, nearly every one of which were attributed to anonymous sources, with other media outlets willing to repeat the lies and pile on with more lies of their own. Even the supposedly conservative Pajamas Media published a story attributed to nameless "witnesses" stating that Cain and one of the women in question were seen getting into a taxi cab together. The story went on to say that the woman woke up the next morning in Cain's bed and came very close to alleging rape, only to retract that story by the end of the day. Perhaps Pajamas Media's picking political favorites and willingness to smear candidates they don't like contributed to Andrew Klavan's recent decision to depart Pajamas Media for Glenn Beck's GBTV? No, of course not. That must have been a coincidence!

Which leads to an interesting question that more than a few people have been asking. Just who was it that leaked this information? The first knee jerk reaction of many was to blame it on Obama. While that is a tempting proposition, I tend to believe if Obama had this information he would have waited to see if Cain became the GOP nominee and, if that were the case, would leak it a few days before the general election, just the way the George W Bush DUI information was leaked a few days before the general election of 2000.

Who has the most to gain from the timing of this attempted high tech lynching? Only those within the GOP! So lets start by taking a look at the only 2 people have actually lent there names to this shameful affair.

One is an obscure radio talk show host in Iowa who said when Cain visited him recently for a radio interview Cain exhibited "inappropriate behavior" toward his female staff. When questioned further for the details it was revealed that Cain said to one of the talk show hosts female staffers words to the effect of "hon, would you mind doctoring my tea?" WOW! This same talk show host was already on record as having jumped on the "Cain is pro-choice" band wagon and, no doubt, was trying to insert himself into a story receiving huge national attention in hopes that someone in America would actually remember his name. Well, in my book, he has a new name. MUD!

The other person who lent his name to this sleaze is far more interesting. A "gentleman" by the name of Chris Wilson, former pollster for the National Restaurant Association, who claimed to have been a witness to the alleged sexual harassment back in the 90s, who appeared on an Oklahoma radio talk show and said:

“This occurred at a restaurant in Crystal City (Virginia) and everybody was aware of it,” said Wilson, who was a consultant for the organization at the time, in the KTOK interview. “It was only a matter of time because so many people were aware of what took place, so many people were aware of her situation, the fact she left-everybody knew with the campaign that this would eventually come up.”

On it's face that would seem very damning. Politoco and many other media outlets trumpted this new "witness'" account. However, if they bothered to mention it at all, there was one fact found in the footnotes in some of the stories reporting this one and only "witness account" regarding Mr. Wilson's background that most people ignored. FACT: Today Mr. Chris Wilson is employed as a pollster for the Rick Perry campaign!!!

A blogger at the Dallas Morning News explored Mr. Wilson's background in more detail:

“Three Perry people in the spotlight in the Cain affair all have one thing in common — they all used to work with Cain and now work on behalf of Perry. One of them, Chris Wilson says he personally witnessed an episode of Cain sexually harassing a women employee. Wilson once served as executive director of the Texas Republican Party . He left that job in 1995 to join Tony Frabrizio’s consulting firm, and did polling for Bob Dole’s 1996 presidential race. In New Hampshire that year, the Dole campaign admitted doing “push polling” — the practice of feeding negative information about an opponent. In that case, it was accusing rival Steve Forbes of being soft on gay rights.

In 2002, Wilson worked in Texas for the Free Enterprise PAC, a group funded largely by big Perry donors that sought to expand conservative GOP control in the Legislature. The group targeted some Republican incumbents it wanted to replace in the GOP primary by accusing them of backing “the homosexual agenda” in mail ads featuring photos of men kissing. The targeted candidates called it dirty tricks.”

The above was taken from an article entitled: “Rick Perry: Hardball, bean bag and a history of dirty tricks”.

Subsequent to the release of this supposed "witness account" others present at the restaurant in question reported seeing nothing of the kind!

Is the true picture becoming a bit more clear? Let's delve a little deeper.

If you recall, the event that kicked off Cain's meteoric rise in the polls was the Presidency 5 straw poll in Orlando, Florida nearly 6 weeks ago. This was a poll that the Perry campaign thought they had in the bag. They had spent time, money and resources contacting delegates scheduled to attend that forum, lining their ducks up in a row well in advance, or so they thought. Then Perry made his "heartless" gaff on illegal immigrants at the debate at this same Florida forum and, long story short, a victory Perry was sure was his went to Cain in a VERY big way! Immediately all of the political pundits announced that this particular straw poll result was a fluke. But here we are 6 weeks later and all Cain's number have done is continue to rise while Perry's have dropped like a rock!

Speaking of rocks, subsequently the media took a shot at Perry over the N word being on a rock at the entrance to his hunting lodge. When Cain was asked for his reaction during a number of Sunday talk show interviews he replied "I thought it was insensitive." WHAT? INSENSITIVE? That was IT for Perry supporters who, ever since, have been vile and hateful toward Mr. Cain. Perry supporters are insensed and obsessed in their unshakable belief that Herman Cain played the race card on Rick Perry. In fact, Mr. Cain didn't raise the issue, but was asked for his honest opinion which, like it or not, he gave. But don't tell that to a Perry supporter! Oh no! They are OUT FOR BLOOD!

All of this has had many curious and unexpected consequences. For example, do you remember when Cain said he would get 30% of the black vote? Perhaps that number gets bigger as a result of the SLIME!

Quote from Quanell X of the New Black Panther Party, Houston, TX:

"This man (Cain), whether you agree with him or not, he has had some great accomplishments in his lifetime. And he is a success story. And for the first time in America's history it looks like an African American black man could be the possible GOP candidate for president. And now it appears, from what I've been told by many sources, that maybe someone who's also running on that same ticket to be GOP presidential candidate may be the one that leaked the information out to the press. So Politico does what Politico does but, to me, this is nothing more than a modern day witch hunt. I believe there is racist overtones to it. And whether you agree with Herman Cain or not, because I disagree with him on a lot of things, but I am totally upset and pained by what I see is going on with him now. To me it is nothing more than a modern day lynching. So it's not about me saying he is playing with the white folks. It's just that I'm saying what's happening to him is not right. This wreaks of Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill all over again."

"I'm asking members of the black community to take a strong look at what's happening with Herman Cain and remember how we reacted when Bill Clinton admitted that he lied to the American people and that he did more than sexual harassment in the oval office of the White House and when he did admit to that, and he told us he lied, his ratings went highest among black people, in particular black women. So what I'm asking African Americans to do is remember Bill Clinton. And now just because Herman Cain is a Republican and he is running on a Republican potential ticket to be president that has nothing to do with the facts of the case. At the end of the day he is still our brother and he is still a man that deserves the benefit of the doubt. If we could give Clinton our support after he lied we should at least get behind this brother's right to be treated fairly, give him the benefit of the doubt and to call the media out for a modern day lynching, which is what this appears to be."

The above transcript taken from: 

WOW! Do you know what would become of the Democratic Party if they lost the black vote?  Can you spell Whig Party?

To be sure, Perry isn't alone in this political assassination attempt.

Just this morning on Fox News Sunday Bill Kristol, apparently representing the view of establishment Republicans, continued the muck raking against Herman Cain, suggesting that since Anita Hill never brought a complaint against Clarence Thomas at time of the alleged incident, somehow, the allegations made by anonymous persons against Cain are more credible. WHAT? Anonymous allegations are more credible?

This morning, to open the panel discussion on ABC This Week, the question was asked if the "scandal will bring his soaring campaign back down to earth" Then a question directed to George Will asked "George, can Herman Cain survive it and can he fix it?." Will said: "He can fix it and he still won't survive. That is, I don't think his is a viable presidential campaign. He's not conducting it as a presidential campaign. He's not going to where the early voters are going to vote. He's not raising money. This looks like something other than what it purports to be"

WHAT? With Cain's campaign contributions DOUBLING since the "scandal" broke, either George Will isn't paying attention or he is deliberately trying to assist in the torpedoing of Herman Cain!

Fortunately, Matthew Dowd on the same panel came closer to "getting it."

Dowd: "What's interesting about that is I agree that he is not conducting this like a normal campaign.  But the interesting thing is he either leads the polls or is tied in the polls not doing all the traditional things in his campaign. I think there is a bunch of voters that want a non-traditional candidate."

Pause for a moment to savor that small ray of light! 

What we want, and what I demand, is someone in the White House who isn't already corrupted by the political machine. Cain is the only candidate that fits that bill. In addition, Cain is talking about a transformation in the ways that Washington does business that is so profound that it will upend a culture of corruption that literally makes it's living by sucking the very life blood out of our veins. 

While the events of the last week were disgusting, they are not at all surprising. The culture of corruption in BOTH political parties will continue to conspire and stop at nothing to keep the yoke of slavery of the current tax code placed firmly around our necks.

But the good news, NO, the GREAT news, is it would appear that many, if not most of us in this country GET THAT! What made this country great is freedom. What took much of that freedom away from us were the changes brought to us by PROGRESSIVES nearly 100 years ago. And what is also clear is that Herman Cain gets that too and will do everything in his power to change it, by the grace of God and our enthusiastic support!

Beat Obama AND the establishment Republicans with a CAIN in 2012!

Warren Roche

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