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HERMAN CAIN - Politics has a long and hard memory.

Ellis Baxter - Consulting Detective @ EllisEconomics (c)
HERMAN CAIN - Politics has a long and hard memory. 
Deductive reasoning is the art of connecting the dots. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle used the detective fiction genre as a means of teaching how to take the facts as presented and   then connect those facts in a flow of understanding which inevitably leads to the answer one is seeking.  Doyle outlined this process through his very successful series of stories: ‘The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’. I have written a college level course on this subject using these tales as the basis for teaching the deductive reasoning philosophy as practice; here is the outcome, of that practice, as applied to this case. 
In the time period leading up to the issues of the “charges” against Herman Cain the following are a-priori. 
  1. During the presidency of William Jefferson Clinton, scandal surrounding land deals, bribery, stealing of FBI files, and sexual harassment were filling the headlines. Clinton was impeached for lying to a grand jury. A special consul was assigned to the case that became to be known as White Water.  Both Bill and Hillary Clinton were investigated. The concluding statement from the SC has bearing on the Cain “charges” as they were contemporaneous.  The SC stated that if he could try Hillary Clinton anywhere else but Washington D.C. he believed he could obtain a conviction. 
  2. Hillary Clinton was the lead person on the first salvo by the democrat party to institute socialized medicine in America.  This legislation became known as Hillarycare which was  debated in a televised town hall where the president answered questions from members of the audience.  Ironically, one of the most powerful anti Hillarycare speakers in that meeting who challenged President Bill Clinton was HERMAN CAIN. 
  3. Many of the staff of the National Restaurant Association (NRA) whose offices are located in DC were not happy with Mr. Cain over his objections to Hillarycare. With his bold and strong opposition to socialized medicine, HERMAN CAIN, then president of the NRA, revealed his political ideology and by doing so took his first step into the world of a Black Conservative. 
  4. Just before Mr. Cain left the NRA (all staff knew he was leaving) woman #1 filed a complaint against Mr. Cain alleging some form of sexual harassment. Like Ms. Clinton the case would have been tried in a D.C. Court which would have been favorable to woman  #1; however, no law suit was filed. Only an internal complaint against the NRA. 
  5. The only facts from the settlement that has been made public are that the agreement amounted to $45,000, a year’s salary, and that the employee left the NRA. 
  6. At the time it is important to remember that Bill Clinton was embroiled in a sexual scandal with a staff member at the White House.  If there was any substantiated level of sexual harassment, it is hard to see where this case would not have been placed in the legal system, especially given the climate and a with a great possibility of winning a substantial award. Woman #1 left the NRA and Cain had left also. 
  7. Right after Cain left the NRA, woman #2 (this is normal for a second woman to come forward to file a internal claim if one woman has received a payout.) Again we only know that the harassment was not of a sexual nature but made the woman feel uncomfortable. In fact, it is my contention that some of the wording in the second claim will prove to be almost word for word of the first one. 
  8. Woman #2 receives a years pay of $35,000.  This leads us to believe that woman #2 may well have worked for woman #1 one step down in the pecking order. She received and signed a document to agree to leave the organization, to accept a payment of $35,000 and not to talk about this ever again.  If that agreement is violated, it would be normal for the signed document to stipulate a return of the cash settlement plus an additional payment of 3 to 4 times that amount as liquidated damages if any of the NDA parts were broken. 
  9. Word on the street is that the lawyer for woman #2 has been shopping a book deal for $500,000 to $1,000,000 advance. This would be an easy deal but would require a proffer. AND A PICTURE FROM THE TIME OF THE SO CALLED HARASSMENT. A PICTURE WOULD BE DEMAND #1 .......
  10. For the charges to be believable you have to have a proffer and a picture to back it up. 
  11. In this unique case we have no proffer, we have no details, we have no evidence and we have no name or a picture to back up the claims. Given all of this, there is no case. There was no case then or the lawyer would have pushed it harder and in a court of law in the most favorable place on earth to hold such a witch hunt. 
  12. The bottom line is there was never a real case here. NO evil, just a witch hunt to remove a candidate. One who with the democrat internal tracking polls puts the fear of the WRATH of God into the democrat party they can not beat a Black Conservative. They lose it all in a race like that; those are the facts. Rick Perry and Obama have the most to gain if Cain falls ........ albeit I cannot see how any one could vote for Rick Perry. Or for that matter Obama. 
Ellis Baxter / Consulting Detective @EllisEconomics

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