Monday, November 7, 2011

Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan will bring more growth to America than at any time since the Industrial Revolution!

Originally published Friday, October 30, 2011

Some have said that those of us who support Herman Cain are "fanatics". Perhaps. To many of us here in Arizona one of our heroes is the late Barry Goldwater who said "extremism in defense of liberty is no vice"! Some say we have made Mr. Cain our "chosen one." Perhaps. Let me tell you the core reason why I CHOOSE Mr. Cain.

I have been a supporter of the Fair Tax since 1988 (long before I heard of Herman Cain), of which 9-9-9 is a derivation and intended to be a bridge to that ultimate goal. Not only is Mr. Cain the only candidate that is a non-politician he is also the only candidate to support the Fair Tax. Every other candidate is a professional politician and NOT ONE supports the Fair Tax.

There is no doubt that this is no co-incidence. Why? Simple. Because professional politicians who know how the "game" is played in Washington have learned long ago it is the current tax code that helps them build their campaign war chests with what is, in effect, LAUNDERED MONEY, not unlike the way Obama gives special favors to labor unions and other special interests (Solyndra comes to mind) in return for big campaign contributions.

In the case of the tax code, it is being used as a tool to that very same end. Special interests hire K Street lobbyists to get special tax breaks for their interests inserted into the tax code in return for VERY BIG CHECKS written to the political campaigns of politicians of BOTH political parties who helped their K Street clients get those tax breaks. So, now you know, if you didn't know already, why our tax code is 4 times the size of THE BIBLE! The lobbyists and their professional politician co-conspirators are the political equivalent of the biblical money changers!

If the Fair Tax or 9-9-9 were to come to pass and the current tax code is eliminated at least HALF of K Street would simply DISAPPEAR! Never mind that the current tax structure's existence continues to fuel the consumer/debt driven beast of an economy that is CHOKING US TO DEATH. Their attitude is SCREW THE COUNTRY!!! The only thing important to Lobbyists and the professional politicians whose palms they GREASE is keeping their jobs! The country BE DAMNED!

As far as these "professional politicians" and their K Street lobbyist friends are concerned GOD FORBID we should transform this economy from the consumer/debt driven beast it is today into a savings and investment based economy where productivity is rewarded and not punished! GOD FORBID we should have a system which taxes the $1 TRILLION PLUS UNDERGROUND economy and the 100 MILLION PLUS foreign visitors to this country every year. GOD FORBID we would no longer need to pay the nearly $500 BILLION annually to accountants and tax attorneys to tell us how much tax we owe. GOD FORBID that money stays in the economy and your pocket WHERE IT BELONGS! It's all about THEM! Well I have had ENOUGH and take great comfort in the knowledge that I am far from alone!

No, I'm not some political "groupie". I haven't fallen for some "messiah". I have very real and specific reasons for supporting Mr. Cain. This is the first time since Ronald Reagan that I have found a candidate that I am enthusiastic about. In fact, I am MORE excited about Mr. Cain because if we get 9-9-9 and, ultimately, the Fair Tax this country is going to see more growth than at any time since the Industrial Revolution!

Beat Obama with a CAIN in 2012!

Warren Roche

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