Sunday, November 13, 2011

Inclined to believe the allegations against Herman Cain? Consider the evidence!

Isn't it interesting that 100% of the accusations against Cain stem from alleged, yet to be defined events from just one of the many organizations Cain has worked for? In order to believe the accusations against Cain one must also believe that out of a career in business spanning more than 42 years during a brief 2 1/2 year period Cain was a "monster" but was a perfect gentleman for the remaining 95% of his career.

Only one third party has claimed to be a witness, one Chris Wilson who was a pollster for the National Restaurant Association at the time, and was said to have been present at a NRA function at a restaurant in Virginia back in the 1990's at which alleged sexual harassment supposedly occurred. Two points on this "witness" account. #1: Others present at the same NRA event report they witnessed nothing of the kind. #2, and more important, Chris Wilson is currently employed as a pollster for the Rick Perry campaign!

At this point there are only 2 women who have identified themselves. One, Sharon Bialek, also happened to live in the same building in Chicago as David Axelrod. Are we just supposed to accept this as an "it's a small world after all" coincidence? As Barack Obama's long time operative, Mr. Axelrod ensured Obama's climb to the top in Illinois politics by seeing to it certain nasty and often sexually oriented "scandals" regarding his opponents made it into the newspapers in Chicago just ahead of election day, knocking those opponents out of the race and clearing the way for an Obama victory.

Then there is Karen Kraushaar. This was the woman who went on to file another complaint at her next employer. Last week she chose to remain anonymous and speak through her lawyer, who took the time and trouble to get her released from the bounds of her confidentiality agreement. She still chose to remain silent. Then last Monday Gloria Allred marches Sharon Bialek in front of the cameras. The first thing that would occur to any reasonable person is Ms. Bialek is in search of a book deal. Anita Hill went on to do exactly that and made millions. What was Ms. Kraushaar's reaction to that press conference? She immediately decided to reveal her identity and she, too, stepped in front of the cameras but STILL wouldn't give any details, though she had been released from her confidentiality agreement. However, just because she is no longer bound by that agreement doesn't shield her from the consequences of telling a LIE! I am not surprised she decided to cancel the joint press conference that she had proposed, even though Bialek and Allred were eager to go along.

Perhaps Ms. Kraushaar heard about the independent investigation commissioned by the CBS TV affiliate in Atlanta which used a process twice as effective as polygraph to analyze statements made by Cain and Bialek in which Cain passed and Bialek FLUNKED?!?!?!

Here is the results of the independent private investigator that ran on CBS News in Atlanta: 

Better no one has a voice recording of Ms.Kraushaar!

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